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Our Process

Connect with the desire to leave the mediocre behind and lean into new opportunities grounded in the quality of our daily connections. Be present, be productive, and find emotional flexibility and resilience.


Every session begins with

creating a safe environment

Learn what connection feels like in your mind and in your body.

Learning the horses responses will improve your feedback recognition and cultivate perceptive responses.

Create Safety


Perceptive Response

Empower Your Vision, Invest in People

"Connection is the most crucial component to building a productive and efficient workplace. Connection drives collaboration, nurtures working relationship, and promotes knowledge sharing. The more connected we are as colleagues, the more productive our workplace is."

[1] "Why connection in the workplace matters", Corey Moseley Blog Post

Dr. Kimberly Kuden 

"Today's business environment is changing at an increasing rate. Most businesses are operating in a complex environment. I found that the real struggle is with our traditional approach to leadership. With my experience in the business environment and with the equine as our teachers, together we can begin your journey to becoming the leader that you have been seeking."


Discover Your Natural Abilities

Through Your Connection with a Horse






Become a beacon of safety by being fully present.

Learn compassionate leadership that fosters initiative.

Build a connection before requesting collaboration. 

Communicate the intention of collaboration.

Master the art of listening and project your true self consistently.

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