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Understanding the Evolving Workforce

After finishing my Ph.D., I started on a mission to share what I learned through my research and journey. With 25 years of experience working in all sizes of organizations, from agriculture to non-profit, I have witnessed the emergence of a new economic era. A new paradigm in employee values due to generational shifts necessitates reevaluating leadership practices to enhance employee engagement and contribution. The next-generation employee expects enhanced psychological capital in the form of being supported and connected with a purpose.

My network of outstanding coaches, trainers, and I have pooled our expertise to deliver a new intelligence of emotional agility. 

The American Seed Trade Association Leadership Summit

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Recent Interviews


Dr. Kimberly Kuden

Kimberly is an experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated 25+ year history working in the wholesale industry. She is skilled in Strategic Planning, Team Development, Business Development, and Supply Chain. 

Her educational background includes a BA in Agribusiness with a minor in German Foreign Language from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo; an MBA in Management from California State University Sacramento; and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from North Central University. 

Along with her education and career background, she also volunteers and is the Board Chairwoman of a globally recognized nonprofit, Operation Surf. Operation Surf channels the healing powers of the ocean to restore hope, renew purpose, and revitalize community. Check out the website:

Kimberly is passionate about helping teams, and individuals succeed and has the expertise to help small to mid-size businesses scale effectively. Join her on her podcast The Language of the Unsaid as she shares how to increase productivity, decrease stress, and learn how to become a compassionate leader. Through her podcast, she shares her experience teaching leadership techniques with equine-assisted learning.  You may even learn a thing or two about horses. 

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Bringing humanity back to the workplace. 

How I Do It

Teaching a new intelligence of emotional agility through equine connection and ocean emersion. 

Why Experiential Learning?

I here and I forget 

I see and I remember 

I do and I understand

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Chris Hiller 

Chris brings a comprehensive history in different training techniques including natural horsemanship, classical dressage, in-hand schooling, long lining, cross country jumping, and show jumping. As a USEA Certified Level II trainer with 35 years' coaching and showing experience, Chris has also trained with world-class masters such as Harry Whitney, Vitor Silva, Sherry Ackerman, Brian Sabo, Don Sachey, Jim Wofford, Duncan MacFarlane, Chris Borba, and Buddy Brown. Additionally, Chris owned and operated an equine facility; coaching people, training horses, and caring for hundreds of horses.

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Van Curaza 

Van has been a surfer for 45 years, is the founder of  Van Curaza Surf School, and Operation Surf non-profit. Once a professional surfer, Van has dedicated his life to helping others through surfing. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including ESPN and Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine, and has earned him the first annual Blue Mind Award. He has recently been featured in the award-winning Netflix documentary, Resurface. Additionally, his work has been featured in the first study of its kind on surfing as an alternative treatment for veterans with PTSD by Dr. Russell Crawford, “The Impact of Ocean Therapy on Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” Having experienced his own struggles, Van turned to surfing throughout his life as a means to stay positive. With hopes of being of service and passing on this positive experience, he has dedicated his surfing experience to help others.

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Dr. Susan Fay

Dr. Susan Fay has been a professional musician, environmental scientist, rancher, horse trainer, sport performance consultant, hypnotherapist, psychological researcher, and author of Sacred Spaces.  Susan bred and trained Morgan horses for over 20 years and accumulated world and national championships in Morgan dressage.  She also showed her horses in open USDF dressage competitions, receiving several regional championships and a USEF Horse of the Year award.  She has a bachelor's and master's degree in Environmental Science and a Ph.D. in Psychology.  Dr. Fay's diverse background enables her to draw on a broad range of experiences and knowledge to arrive at an innovative way to improve horse-human and human-human relationships.

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